Drag-and-Drop Pasting

Jiaya Jia

Jian Sun

Chi-Keung Tang

Heung-Yeung Shum


Click the image to see the dragged region
and the pasted result (view in IE)

Abstract ! In this paper, we present a user-friendly system for seamless image composition, which we call drag-and-drop pasting. We observe that for Poisson image editing to work well, the user must carefully draw a boundary on the source image to indicate the region of interest, such that salient structures in source and target images do not conflict with each other along the boundary. To make Poisson image editing more practical and easy to use, we propose a new objective function to compute an optimized boundary condition. A shortest closed-path algorithm is designed to search for the location of the boundary. Moreover, to faithfully preserve the object's fractional boundary, we construct a blended guidance field to incorporate the object's alpha matte. To use our system, the user needs only to simply outline a region of interest in the source image, and then drag and drop it onto the target image. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our "drag-and-drop pasting" system.





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