Single-image Deblurring (Motion PSF Estimation)

[Click to download a package with the executable and examples]

This is an command-line executable for single image blind deconvolution (including motion PSF estimation). The command is:

deblur.exe inFileName outFileName kernelWidth kernelHeight noiseStr deblurStrength gamma weight1 weight2 weight3 weight4 weight5


Type "deblur Examples/picassoBlurImage.png Examples/picassoOut.png 27 27 0.008 0.2 1 0 0 0 0 0" in the command line and press ENTER.

It is also allowed to omit the last 6 parameters and the command can be like "deblur Examples/picassoBlurImage.png Examples/picassoOut.png 27 27 0.008 0.2". The last 6 parameters in this case will use default values.

There are two blurred images in the package. Deblur them respectively by executing the corresponding .bat file in the Windows.

Parameter Definition


the file name of the blurred image (.bmp, .png, and .jpg files are supported)


the file name of the output image (.bmp, .png, and .jpg files are supported)


the estimated width (in pixel) of the blur kernel


the estimated height (in pixel) of the blur kernel


measuring the level of image noise, 0.01 by default


a parameter affecting the completeness of deblurring, 0.2 by default


for gamma correction, 1 by default


parameters for suppressing ringings, 0,0,0,0,0 by default

Parameter Tuning

We suggest tuning the parameter "noiseStr". In many cases, you can simply use the default values for all others parameters. The guideline is as follows.


large enough to contain the ground truth PSF


between [0.002, 0.5]


between [1, 2.5]. gamma=1 means no gamma correction.


System Requirement

Windows XP, 2003 Server, or 7.

The required memory and the computational time depend on the size of the blur image and the estimated kernel. For the "Picasso" example with size 800x532, the peak memory requirement is about 490 Megabytes.


Version Information

Distribution Version 1.0. We have optimized the code and fixed a number of bugs causing memory leak. A few parameters are automatically adaptive or with fixed values to reduce the difficulty of hand tuning.

This program was extensively tested, but is still not guaranteed to be bug-free and work properly with all versions of Windows. It is for education and research ONLY. The algorithm is based on "High-quality Motion Deblurring from a Single Image" published in SIGGRAPH 2008.


*** The End ***