Image Non-blind Deconvolution

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This is a command-line executable for non-blind image deconvolution. The command is:

robust_deconv.exe inputImageName kernelFileName outputImageName boundaryType noiseStr localPriorWeight

Parameter Definition

inputImageName The filename of  the input blur image; .bmp, .png and .jpg files are supported
kernelFileName The filename of the kernel image
outputImageName The filename of the target image which is used to store the result
boundaryType The boundary type. If boundaryType = 1, our program automatically handles the boundary problem as described in our paper, which takes some time. If boundaryType = 0, the boundary condition is not modified and the boundary ringing artifacts may be caused.
noiseStr A parameter indicating the strength of noise. A very large value may smooth the result, while a small parameter helps reveal more fine details but possibly produces more visual artifacts. The range is [0.001, 0.2].
localPriorWeight A local prior weight parameter to adjust the smoothness enforced in flat regions. Its range is [1, 100].


System Requirement

Windows XP, 2003 Server, or Vista.


Version Information

Distribution Version: 1.0

This program is tested on Windows XP, 2003 Server and Vista, but is still not guaranteed to be bug-free and work properly with all versions of Windows. It is for education and research ONLY. The algorithm is based on "High-quality Motion Deblurring from a Single Image" published in SIGGRAPH 2008.



Input Image
Output Image

noiseStr = 0.02
localPriorWeight = 1

noiseStr = 0.008
localPriorWeight = 20

noiseStr = 0.04
localPriorWeight = 50

*** The End ***