Video Upsampling

[Click to download a package with the program and exemplar videos]
To process the exemplar videos in the package, install the included video codec "LagarithSetup_1319.exe" first.


The Usuage

  1. Execute Demo.exe.
  2. Open a ".avi" video file from "Menu->File->Open".
  3. There will be a pop-up dialog, through which you set the magnification factor, sharpness of the result, and the address to store the output video. Once you are done with these parameters, click OK to proceed.
  4. The program will automatically upsample the video in a frame-by-frame manner. The input is shown in the left window while the output is shown on the right.
  5. During the process of upsampling, you can click the "resume/pause" button on the toolbar to pause or resume the program, or stop it at any time using the "stop" button.
The output file will be saved when the upsampling process is finished or the program is terminated.

System Requirement

Windows XP or Vista.

The program requires the mpeg4 codec to save the upsampled video. If it is not installed in your system, the program will save the result as a sequence of images.

Version Information:

Distribution Version: 0.1 (Oct. 6th, 2008) by Qi Shan, Zhaorong Li, and Jiaya Jia ({qshan, zrli, leojia}, CSE department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This program is tested on Windows XP and Vista, but is still not guaranteed to be bug-free and work properly with all versions of Windows. It is for educational use ONLY. If you use this executable for your academic publication, please acknowledge this work:

author = {Qi Shan and Zhaorong Li and Jiaya Jia and Chi Keung Tang},
title = {Fast Image/Video Upsampling},
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